[pstricks] pst-3dplot

Markus markuskrebs at web.de
Sun Feb 14 15:18:48 CET 2010

Hi List-Users!

Today, I've updated to Miktex 2.8 (removed Miktex 2.7 and installed Miktex 2.8)

Now I've got a problem with this minimal example


Got an error message:


LaTeX Font Info:    ... okay on input line 3.
  ( FP-SUB ) ( FP-DIV )
! You can't use `macro parameter character #' in restricted horizontal mode.
\in@ #1#2->\def \in@@ ##1#1##
                              2##3\in@@ {\ifx \in@ ##2\in at false \else 
\in at tru...
l.13 \begin{pspicture}(\xmin,\ymin)(\xmax,\ymax)

Sorry, but I'm not programmed to handle this case;
I'll just pretend that you didn't ask for it.
If you're in the wrong mode, you might be able to
return to the right one by typing `I}' or `I$' or `I\par'.


Without pst-3dplot everything works as expected.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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