[pstricks] optimizing final eps figure size with pst-func

mathias legrand legrand.mathias at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 14:47:39 CET 2010

>> The difference is not obvious but for some figures where the number of
>> plotted points is more important,
>> it can lead to a non-negligible difference. My request is then: for all
>> the pst-func functions, would it be possible
>> to add an optional parameter controlling the number of digits in the
>> coding of the final eps?
>> Something like:
>> \psWeibull[alpha=2,beta=1,plotpoints=1000,digits=3]{0}{5}
> that should be done by the system that exports such values.
> It makes no real sense to do it on TeX side.

I agree that it makes no sense for the \dataplot command, that is why I 
was mentionning
the pst-func commands for which calculations are internal. Anyway, 
nothing very
important. Thanks.

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