[pstricks] Fwd: Create a random path

Marco Daniel marco.daniel at mada-nada.de
Mon Jan 25 23:23:43 CET 2010

Hello Herbert,

nice idea *G*

Ok now I want to understand the code. So here are my questions:

>    usertime srand
>    0 0
>    30 {
>      Rand 20 mul Rand 20 mul
<    } repeat
The operation Rand is like rand but Rand need a parameter. What does Rand do with the parameter?

The command usertime srand ->  srand gives me an integer. What does usertime do with this integer? I know usertime return time in millisecond.

Last but not least the numbers:
0 0

It is funny. In the Bluebook I can't find any of these commands.


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