[pstricks] Producing good PNG files

Kin Mye kinmye at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 14:20:11 CET 2010

I am very interested on this topic, both to publish in the web and to port
figures to ms-word documents.

For the moment I use the latex2png script, included in the latex2rtf

Given a document, test.tex

latex2png -d 600 test.tex
(It produces test.png with 600 dpi)

Internally, this is what latex2png does:

 latex --interaction batchmode test
 dvips -q -l 1 -E -R -o test.tmp.eps test.dvi
 eps2eps test.tmp.eps test.eps
 convert -crop 0x0 -depth 24 -units PixelsPerInch -density 600x600 test.eps

The script pst2pdf proposed by Herbert doesn't work for me.
This is what pst2pdf test.tex produces:

! Undefined control sequence.
<recently read> \c at lor@to at ps

l.9   \psline(

The list of loaded packages, produced by latex, is
*File List*
 article.cls    2005/09/16 v1.4f Standard LaTeX document class
  size10.clo    2005/09/16 v1.4f Standard LaTeX file (size option)
pstricks.sty    2008/11/26 v0.40 LaTeX wrapper for `PSTricks' (RN,HV)
pstricks.tex    2009/01/25 v1.27 `PSTricks' (tvz,hv)
  xcolor.sty    2007/01/21 v2.11 LaTeX color extensions (UK)
   color.cfg    2007/01/18 v1.5 color configuration of teTeX/TeXLive
   dvips.def    1999/02/16 v3.0i Driver-dependant file (DPC,SPQR)

-- kin
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