[pstricks] Producing good PNG files

Boris Veytsman borisv at lk.net
Thu Jan 7 17:02:54 CET 2010

BDH> Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 15:46:46 +1300
BDH> From: "B.D. Hall" <b.hall at irl.cri.nz>

BDH> So my question is this: can anyone advise me on how to produce 
BDH> reasonable png files from my existing PSTricks / LaTeX sources? It 
BDH> has to be possible, I say to myself, because I can see all these nice 
BDH> figures on PSTrick's page on Wikipedia!

I use

pstoimg -density 300 -antialias -aaliastext -type png -transparent

Here pstoimg is a script from latex2html distribution.

Examples of the result you can see if you create a pedigree here:
http://www.pedigree.varphi.com/cgi-bin/pedigree.cgi (by the way, this
site uses TeX, PSTricks and pst-pdgr package internally).

Good luck


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