[pstricks] Rendering modified arguments inside a macro

Jorge Nto jorgento at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 20:28:05 CET 2009

>> sorry, I do not understand why you can't simply print out #6
>> as radius? And the same for the circle? Where is the sense to
>> multiply the Radius with 0.02?

Well it was just a simple example. I used the function \scalePoints, which
only scales two columns of the file. So I had to manually
multiply the radius by 0.02, which is value of yunit, and display this value
on the screen.
I found a posting in one of your forums explaining how to extend the
function scalePoints to the case with three columns (ThreeD)
so that's a good alternative.

>> However, with package pst-func and the macro psPrintValue
>> you can print any expression in algebraic or postscript
>> notation.

Thank you very much! I reached my objective by using that package and the
package fp
So I can for example calculate the norm of the vector given by the two first
values on each row of the data file and
display this norm on the screen.
I've also noticed that I can pre-manipulate the data, for example with
matlab and spare postcript/Latex the work :)


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