[pstricks] The outside of a closed curve

Jon Joseph josco.jon at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 22:38:24 CET 2009

I have the following code

	\psccurve[showpoints=false, linewidth=2pt](1,2)(1.4,2.6)(2,2.95)(2.8,3.55)(3.4,3.75)(4,3.6)(4.5,3)(4.6,2.6)(4.45,2.0)(4,1.35)(3.3,1.0)(2.6,0.9)(2.0,1.1)(1.4,1.4)

And I would the lines to be clipped outside the curve. The psccurve* option of course fills the inside of the curve. Is there a method to "fill" outside the curve out to the edges of the picture so I don't have to calculate where the lines intersect the curve? (i.e. I only want the vertical lines to be visible inside the curve).  Thanks, Jon.

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