[pstricks] Custom plotting of data (custom coloring of select points in a data set)

Jorge Nto jorgento at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 14:43:45 CET 2009

Hi there!

After a long search on Internet I decided to post my question here (I'm a
newbie in this posting-list).
I have a set of 2D data (DAT-file) which I would like to plot and color
according to their Y value. Until now I can only plot all points with
listplot having all the same color (ex: \listplot[plotstyle= dots
linecolor=red]). But for my purpose I would have to use a \forloop or
\multido command to read every single point in the data set and plot it by
chosing a color according to its Y-coordinate value, for example using the
\hsv command. The question is: How can I access the elements of data as
single points? Is there a syntax like: \data[20][1] or \data(20) (or for
those who know MATLAB:  data(20,:) -colon syntax to access the coordinates).

I  did not find any similar on Internet. Maybe I must re-define the listplot
command but I could do this only if I had the source code of the original
command or something like that.

Any ideas? I would really appreciate it.


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