[pstricks] makeplot problem

Santiago Cogollos sancobo at dcom.upv.es
Tue Nov 17 14:56:06 CET 2009

Dear all:
   I use makeplot package to plot figures and pst-plot/pst-add features 
can be used.

The following minimal example gives the coordinate system for my plot 
(plot data is irrelevant). Horizontal axis is frequency and for my 
applications (narrowband filters) frequency range is usually small 
compared with the vertical scale.
Try to enlarge the width parameter width=95 to width=96 and it fails. My 
question is: ¿can I increase the width of the plot (expand horizontal 
axis to have more separation between ticks) in an elegant way? Or can 
you give me a reference where I could find a solution?


[startX=11.90, endX=12.10, startY=-80, endY=0, Dx=0.05,Dy=20,%
   width=95, heightFactor=0.75,%
   linewidth=1pt, tickstyle=full, ticklinestyle=solid, tickcolor=black]%
   {$|S_{ij}|$ \textbf{(dB)}}{\textbf{Frequency (GHz)}}

Thank you in advance

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