[pstricks] pst-map3d

Poul Riis Poul.Riis at skolekom.dk
Sun Nov 15 11:37:27 CET 2009

I have now downloaded the file [
http://www.evl.uic.edu/pape/data/WDB/WDB-text.tar.gz ]WDB-text.tar.gz

I have extracted the file to a folder called d;\miktex\wdb\wdb which now
contains the files africa-bdy.dat, africa-cil.dat etc.

Still ghostview gives a lot of error messages when I run the following:




Graphics with PSTricks <pstricks at tug.org> writes:
>Run ghostscript
>with option -dNOSAFER, te prvenet problems when running
>the viewer from a GUI.

My ghostview does not accept the option -dNOSAFER.

What can I do to make it run?

Poul Riis

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