[pstricks] calculating the length of a line segment.

hh-brasil hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Sat Nov 14 00:22:02 CET 2009

Nothing easier. You produce a ps-page and look at the (e)ps-page with ghostscript/ghostview. 
Probably both were installed during your TeX-installation.

Ghostview has an Menu command "measure" (me desculpe: I have only the german version). 
You click on this "measure", and will get another menu for measuring (choose e.g. mm or in).
Click on the starting point and move the cursor to the endpoint. You will see the length between both y-values, between both x-values, of the line length between the two points and the angle (if any).


Em 11/11/2009 18:13, Régis da Silva < rg3915 at yahoo.com.br > escreveu:
How to calculate the length of a line segment.
my segment in Cartesian Coord, ex, \psline(0,0)(2,1).
The lenght is...?

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