[pstricks] Calculations & parametricplotThreeD - Change in Behavior

Hensh, Richard hensh at math.msu.edu
Thu Nov 12 14:53:59 CET 2009

Dear All,

Has there been a change in the behavior of pst-3dplot? Specifically, it appears that one can use calculated values on the t-coordinate interval but not the u interval.

The code below (minimal example) illustrates the problem. 



%%Works just fine.  
\parametricplotThreeD[linecolor=blue](0,3.1415 2 div){%
    t %
    t %
%%Doesn't compile.
\parametricplotThreeD[linecolor=blue](0,1.57)(0,3.1415 2 div){%
    t %
    t %


FWIW, the example above used to work.


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