[pstricks] \psChiIIDist problem with fillstyle=solid

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Nov 8 00:02:23 CET 2009

Am 07.11.2009 21:57, schrieb mathias legrand:

> when I use what follows:
> \psChiIIDist[linewidth=0.5pt,linecolor=black,nue=2,fillstyle=solid,fillcolor=blue]{0.1}{9}
> the fill color is uncorrectly placed (meaning over the curve). I know
> that it is because the process
> of filling joins the two end points (\Xi(0) and \Xi(end)) which provides
> unwanted results sometimes.
> Is there an easy trick to avoid that? I know how to fix it by defining
> \Xi numerically with its first value=0
> but there is another strategy?

the filling is correct, it starts at the beginning of the graph and
closes the path from the end to the beginning of the curve.
Use \pscustom for filling areas under a curve.






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