[pstricks] Node connections question ncline/pcline in 3d

Dirk Schroetter dschroetter at mac.com
Tue Oct 27 09:25:57 CET 2009


this must be so simple and a mere user error on my side, but I have  
not been able to figure this out. Maybe one can give me a pointer.

Drawing with PSTricks in 3D and using ps-nodes. When using pcline to  
connect the nodes, the connections look correct in the projection  
(e.g. they run parallel to the axis) when using ncline they appear to  
be off (that is not parallel to the axis and the connection points are  
not where they should appear)

Any help greatly appreciated.


Code example:

	\IIIDKOSystem {10}
	\ThreeDput(10,12,0){\Huge {\rotateleft{Blah}}}
	{	\psset{linecolor=red,fillstyle=solid,radius=0.2cm,opacity=0.25}

%	\pcline(f11)(f13) % These would be correct
%	\pcline(f11)(f31)
%	\pcline(f11)(f15)
	\ncline{f11}{f13} % These appear off

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