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Patrice Mégret Patrice.Megret at umons.ac.be
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Dear Herbert,

In the attached files you will find the transformation from the proposed spherical coordinates to (x,y,z). Then from (x,y,z) to (x2d,y2d) it is your subroutines depending on CoorType key.

In fact the spherical coordinate system used in electromagnetism (r,theta_2,phi_2) is nearly the same as the one you used (r,phi_1,theta_1) except that (1) latitude is measured from the z-axis and from not the xy plane, and (2) the order is r, theta_2, phi_2 and not r, phi_1, theta_1.

This change also implies theta_2=pi/2 -theta_1.

Best regards,


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Patrice Mégret schrieb:

> Oups, I was of course speaking about spherical coordinates (page 6 of st-3dplot documentation).

>> Would it be possible to have a second cylindrical system (r,theta1,phi1) in which:
>> r is the length of the vector,
>> theta (0<=theta<=180) is the angle between the vector and z-axis,
>> phi (0<=phi<360) the angle between the x-axis and the projection of the vector on the xy plane
>> in order to have the same conventions as in mathematical book related to vector analysis?

can you provide the tranformation equations?


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