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Patrice Mégret Patrice.Megret at umons.ac.be
Thu Aug 27 09:08:54 CEST 2009

Dear Herbert, dear Christoph ,

In the package pst-math, the SINC function is defined as:

/SINC {dup SIN exch Div} with the Div operator from pstricks.pro. In that way, no division by 0 takes place at x=0, but  SINC(0) = 0 instead of 1.

I propose to replace the SINC definition by:

/SINC { dup 0 eq { pop 1 } { dup SIN exch div } ifelse } bind def, which makes the same but gives SINC(0)=1.

Here is an example to illustrate the difference:

\pstVerb{/PMSINC { dup 0 eq { pop 1 } { dup SIN exch div } ifelse } bind def}
\makebox[5em]{\psPrintValue{\rA\space SINC}}
\makebox[5em]{\psPrintValue{\rA\space PMSINC}}\\

Best ragrds,


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