[pstricks] surfaceparametree in pst-solides3D

Jean-Paul Vignault jp.vignault at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 23:07:22 CEST 2009

 > Question 1:  When I comment out the first \psSolid and uncomment the 
commented one,
 > I get an error message:


 > Am I not allowed to have \axesIIID precede other objects (so that
 > the latter cover part of the axes)?

No. \axesIIID stop the "memory storage process". You can't use it
between "\defFunction{front}" and the use of "front" variable.

 > Question 2: I copied the "base" parameter from the example, but the
 > text seems to say that the appropriate parameter
 > for surfaceparametree should be "range", which I think gives the
 > range of values for u and v but in a different order.

I think it's a text error. You can refer to examples :



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