[pstricks] What PSTricks package to use?

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sat Aug 8 23:29:16 CEST 2009

Wenguang Wang schrieb:

> My graph will have many text boxes and lines connecting them, used to
> describe the relationship of data structures of a program (I have
> attached a simple sample in the mail).  Most of the text boxes will have
> hyper reference to other part of my LaTeX document.
> Is it possible that I draw a EPS file using an external utility, and let
> PSTricks to include the eps file and modify the text in the eps to use
> the hyper reference?

draw everything with PSTricks, the nodes can be hyperlinks, too

> If that is not possible, I will draw the graph using PSTricks.  What
> PSTricks should I use?  pst-node?


                 & & [name=A1,vref=4mm]\psFB{A1}\\
[name=A]\psFB{A} & & [name=A2]\psFB{A1}\\
[name=B]\psFB{B} & & [name=pB]\psFB{pB}\\
[name=C]\psFB{C} & & \\
[name=D]\psFB{D} & & \\
                 & & [name=D1]\psFB{D1}\\
                 & & [name=D2]\psFB{D2}\\



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