[pstricks] Solides3d: strange result to fusion

Jean-Paul Vignault jpv at melusine.eu.org
Sat Jul 18 18:24:56 CEST 2009

 > Hello,


 > below you see an example handling the fusion of two hollow cones.
 > One cone is completely located within the other cone. The fused
 > object looks a little bit strange in case of having
 > ngrid = a b with a not equal 1. The result is the same for
 > a) conecreux without using hollow
 > b) cone with using hollow

I have no time to make tests, but I think it's not a bug : this is the
default of painter's algorithm : faces are sorted from farest to
nearest before draw. The distance is from face's center to point of

Best regards


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