[pstricks] mixing colours of overlapping objects while disregarding paper background colour

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Wed Jun 10 19:48:39 CEST 2009

Dear Alexander,
> Now I'd like to do the same with lines. For this purpose I modified your
> example (see below). However, it does not work as expected. Any Idea
I suppose it diesn't work the expected way, because with LINES there is 
nothing to CLIP, although you blow up the line to a width of 5 pt. A 
line is a line.

Here an approach to define a FAT line with the detour of a \psframe and  
a linewidth of 0 pt. This works the way it should, however you have to 
position the frames in a different way as you do with \psline...
Maybe you find a better approach. Herbert manages it with the opacity 
and not with CLIPPING.

Try this:




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