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The macro psxTick provided in pstricks-add is very convenient.
It ticks and label the x-axis at a given value.
However, it seems that the y position is assumed to be 0.
If the axes are not plot at y=0, the macro does not put the tick in the


  \psyTick(0.5){0.5} %ok!
  \psxTick(3.5){3.5} %put in (3.5,0) instead of (3.5,-2)

I don't know TeX to change it. In pstricks-add.tex it seems that psxtick
does not have access to the y value:

>%% #1 : optional arguments passed to psline
>%% #2 : x value
>%% #3 : label
>\def\psxTick{\pst at object{psxTick}}% idea by Martin Chicoine
>\def\psxTick at i(#1)#2{{

Any suggestion?

Alternatively, I can fix it \rput(0,-2) {\psxTick(3.5){3.5}}
Is there any variable which points to the "-2" (y position of the x axis)?

Thanks in advance,

My motivation is that I've been working with the psBoxPlot macro.
It works well but the problem is that if there are thousands of data
I have to skip data using nStep or wait everytime I open the document
while postscript makes their computations. Finally I decided to compute the
values of
the boxplot offline. I have preparred one macro for ploting the bar with the

edges and labeling it.  Everything works ok when the origin is (0,0)
but I have the above problem to label each boxplot in the origin is (0,Oy).
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