[pstricks] tangential vector

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Wed Apr 8 22:28:09 CEST 2009

Dear Herbert,
> http://voss.homedns.org/packages/pstricks-add/pstricks-add.tex
> knows a star version \psPlotTangent*, which plots only a line
> into the positive x direction.
> this version pf pstricks-add.tex needs also the pst-fp.tex,
> also available from http://voss.homedns.org/packages/pstricks-add
\psPlotTangent without the _star-version_ generates a tangent line 
symmetric to the given point, which is wonderful to show the slope of 
the graph in whatever intervals.

What about a version that is not symmetric, and the user can enter the 
x-Interval of the tangent line??? That would be extremely appreciated to 
draw tangents without the detour of calculating the 1. derivative and 
plot it as a \psplot if necessary to not have a symmetric tangent to a 
given point of the graph.

The same could be done with the NORMAL.

Do you think that is possible?

Would be at ease to use for practical problems with tangents of a given 



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