[pstricks] Factor tree supporting comments

David Arnold dwarnold45 at suddenlink.net
Sun Mar 8 17:01:43 CET 2009

Hmmm... Page 146 seems to indicate the use of \SpecialCoor. I didn't  
use that, but things look OK.

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My code snippet for the above:

Express 24 as a product of prime factors.

\medskip\noindent\textbf{Solution.} We use a factor tree to break 24  
down into a product of primes.

\rput[l](0.25\linewidth,0|six){\color{darkred}$24=4\cdot 6$}%
\rput[l](0.25\linewidth,0|three){\color{darkred}$4=2\cdot 2$ and $6=2 
\cdot 3$}%


Am I gonna be OK here?

On Mar 7, 2009, at 11:09 PM, Herbert Voss wrote:

David Arnold schrieb:
> Very nice! Exactly what I need. However, I cannot find this in the
> documentation anywhere:
> \rput[rc](\linewidth,0|A){1.}%
> What does the 0|A mean?

takes the x argument from the first point \linewidth,0 and
the y argument from the second point A
See documentation, page 146

> And while I am on this, another one. What does this mean?
> linecolor=black!10

10% of color black

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