[pstricks] Arrays of stars and other objects

David Arnold dwarnold45 at suddenlink.net
Sat Mar 7 16:58:45 CET 2009


In the example below, Herbert has created an array of boxes for me.  
What if I wanted an array of solid five pointed stars instead?

And, are there other "canned" images in pstricks, such as dice, and  
are they listed anywhere?



On Mar 6, 2009, at 10:43 PM, Herbert Voss wrote:

David Arnold schrieb:

> This produces a 2 by 4 arrow of boxes. I'd like the first row to have
> four boxes, but the second row to stop at three boxes. This shoud use
> some sort of if then statement, I would imagine, to limit the second
> row to three boxes. How do you use if then in pstricks to get what I
> want?





     \ifnum\iRow=1        % for lowest row
       \ifnum\iCol=4      % and last column do nothing



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