[pstricks] how does one draw a dashed line using psrticks

Jean-Côme Charpentier jean-come.charpentier at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 8 18:04:42 CET 2009

Nwojo Agwu a écrit :
> Hi,


> I wanted to draw a dashed so I typed the following
> \psline{linestyle=dashed}(x_{0},y_{0})(x_{1},y_{1}).

  That's the right way.

> I received a Pstricks error message. Could someone please let me know
> what the right command should be.

  Did You type your command like this?  That is, with the real
characters "(x_{0},y_{0})(x_{1},y_{1})"?  If yes, the error is obvious:
x_{0} and the others are not correct coordinates.

  Is the following code correct for you?



If no, what is the *exact* error message (copy paste from you log file).

  Jean-Côme Charpentier

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