[pstricks] Include jpg pictures in LaTeX with PSTricks?

Dougherty, Michael michael.dougherty at swosu.edu
Fri Feb 6 16:27:44 CET 2009

Christos, this is just my opinion.

You don't need to use pstricks for everything, so my advice would
be to go ahead and use the graphics package and \includegraphics,
or possibly convert the jpg to another format using something
like gimp or similar, and clean it up a bit.

I don't know if you can do an \includegraphics in pstricks.
It seems you can \rput anything else so I bet you can.  But stuff
like including jpg's is what graphics is good for.  For just
about everything else, pstricks rules.

--Mike Dougherty

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Subject: [pstricks] Include jpg pictures in LaTeX with PSTricks?
Hi all,
I'm new to PSTricks and I was wondering if anyone can help me with the  
following. Specifically, does anyone know how I can include a picture  
(say jpg) in LaTeX,
using Pstricks? I know how to do it with the graphics package (i.e.,  
\includegraphics) , but I'm
using Pstricks a lot (i.e., for drawing linguistic trees with pst- 
jtree), so I wouldn't like to use graphics for just this reason.

Thanks beforehand.
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