[pstricks] Tabular Integration by Parts

Dougherty, Michael michael.dougherty at swosu.edu
Sun Jan 25 20:57:26 CET 2009

You can do it by brute force.  I'm working on a calculus textbook project myself
and while I haven't done that yet, I had to mull for a long time how to make
integration techniques look close enough to what might be written on 
the board or notes/tests/etc., so you can have a look if you like:

OR you can look at how I did some "lattice method" arithmetic layouts
for a fellow who wanted to submit a paper to a journal in math education.
See below.

What I like about PSTricks is that you can use some fairly primitive
code to get what you want, if you're willing to think about your
chart on a grid and just put things where you want them.

In fact you can put a table inside a pspicture and then add the other stuff
however you like, or put a pspicture somewhere else with 
a little box to set coordinates
(like \begin{pspicture}(0,0)(1,1))
and put stuff way outside the box if you like, 
like \psline{->}(12,15)(15,20)
though that's not very elegant.

Others may have more sophisticated ways.  Good luck!

--Mike D.

%%%%%%%%%%%%% FIGURE 1 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
\rput(1.4,1.85){\tiny{\bf 1}}
\rput(2.4,1.85){\tiny{\bf 1}}

%%%%%%%%%%% FIGURE 2 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
24\\ 220\\ 1100 \\ + \ 6000 \\ \hline  7344

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Anyone have a good idea how to use PSTricks to set up this tabular  
integration by parts?


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