[pstricks] multido and rput

Jon Joseph jonjoseph at charter.net
Sun Jan 25 02:30:17 CET 2009

I am trying to dynamically update the angle parameter in the rput  
macro using multido. One attempt looks like the following:

		\rput{! \iY \iX atan}(\iX, \iY){\psline(-.25,0)(.25,0)} % this is  
what I want but doesn't work
		\rput{\iY}(\iX, \iY){\psline(-.25,0)(.25,0)} % this works but not  
what I want
		\rput{ ! 2 3 atan}(\iX, \iY){\psline(-.25,0)(.25,0)} % this also  
works but not what I want

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