[pstricks] hidden lines in pst-solides3d

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Sat Jan 10 20:46:51 CET 2009

Dear Zbigniew,

within \codejps you cannot use the PSTricks commands -- you need to use 
the codejps commands.

> \codejps{
> /Band{
> \psSolid[object=surfaceparametree, linewidth=0.5\pslinewidth,
> base=-0.4 0.4 0 pi, fillcolor=lightgray!30, incolor=white,
> function=mobius,
> ngrid=.05]
> } def
> /Field{
> \multido{\rv=-0.35+0.35}{10}{%
> \psSolid[object=vecteur,
> linecolor=lightgray,
> args= \rv\space Sin \rv\space 2 mul Cos neg
> \rv\space Sin \rv\space 2 mul Sin neg
> \rv\space Cos 
> ](\rv\space 2 mul Cos 2 mul, \rv\space 2 mul Sin 2 mul, 0)
> }
> } def
> Band Field solidfuz
> drawsolid**}
> \end{pspicture}
So a multido will not work like you have set it.

There is another _non-codejps_ way to fusion some objects -- see the 
syntax of the following code:

\psset{lightsrc=50 -50 50,viewpoint=40 16 32 rtp2xyz,Decran=40}
      ngrid=4 16,
      action=none,%otherwise it is drawn as well  nonfusioned
      action=none,%otherwise it is drawn as well  nonfusioned
\psSolid[object=fusion,%here you fusion the two objects
      base=A1 B1,

Your problem is quite complex to realize, due to a FUSION with multido 
-- you need unique names for each of the vectors which could be handled 
with a natural counter etc. and then put the fusion object within 
another multido environment ... These my ideas, however i  failed with 

Sorry that i couldn't help, however Manuel is very tricky in such things 
-- maybe he knows an easy solution.


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