[pstricks] psPrintValue

Poul Riis Poul.Riis at skolekom.dk
Tue Dec 9 14:48:42 CET 2008

Dear Juergen,

>in what unit do you measure the temperature? I suppose not in Kelvin :-)
Yesterday it was 5 degrees centigrade in Denmark, today it's only 3
degrees centigrade. In other words, today is 2K colder than yesterday....
>This is just a joke, that also the Europeans do not always take care of
>the SI units...

I was partly joking, partly serious. Most scientific articles use
standard, world wide accepted units, but unfortunately a few do not, see
for instance American Journal of Physics, Volume 76, No 8, August 2008,
pp723-729 which has distances in feet and speeds in miles per hour. This
is rather inconvenient when I want to compare with my own similar
calculations on a soccer ball just because I'm used to metres and metres
per second.
Would you argue that it is better to have different unit systems in
different parts of the world?

Poul Riis

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