[pstricks] suggestion for pst-3dplot

Markus markuskrebs at web.de
Wed Dec 3 17:25:51 CET 2008

Dear Herbert!

I have a suggestion for pst-3dplot:

Add a coordinate Type c0orType=4 (Trimetrie) defined by following 
code (out of pst-3dplot.pro)

     coorType 4 le { % coorType |/_ with a 1/sqrt(2) shortend x-axis 
and 135 degrees
       /x2D x -1 mul 2 y mul add z 0 mul add  def %% z 0 mul --> not 
really useful
       /y2D x -1 mul -0.5 y mul add z 2 mul add def
       exit } if

I've tried it with my local version: Even a failure is a success at all.

"Nobody does it better than you."

Thanks a lot!


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