[pstricks] multido

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Sat Nov 22 22:59:56 CET 2008


I suggest that the following paragraph be added to the end of the  
Coordinates section.


%%%%% begin addition
Unlike coordinates in two dimensions, three dimensional coordinates  
may be specified using PostScript code, which need not be preceded by  
\verb+!+. For example, assuming \verb+\def\nA{2}+, (1,0,2) and \verb 
+(90 cos, 100 100 sub, \nA\space 2 div 1 add)+ specify the same point.  
(Recall that a \verb+\space+ is required after a macro that will be  
expanded into PostScript code, as \TeX\ absorbs the space following a  
%%%%% end addition

On Nov 22, 2008, at 12:33 PM, Herbert Voss wrote:

> Michael Sharpe schrieb:
>> Aha, I did not realize that ThreeD coordinates accept PostScript  
>> code.
>> This seems very important and useful, and may be worth emphasis in  
>> the
>> documentation, which currently states simply that "pst-3dplot accepts
>> cartesian or spherical coordinates".
> Michael,
> you're absolutely right.
> can you modify the part of the documentation?
> And then send me the oart as tex source.
> Herbert

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