[pstricks] Exiting a parametricplot

Poul Riis Poul.Riis at skolekom.dk
Sat Nov 22 17:33:54 CET 2008

How can I exit a parametricplot. The example below works only if I remove
zz 0 lt {exit} if
from the \parametricplot command.

Poul Riis


	/gg 9.82 def
	/v0 20 def
	/c0w 0.2 def
	/costhetac c0w v0 mul gg div 2 div neg def
	/sinthetac costhetac dup mul neg 1 add sqrt def
	/thetac sinthetac costhetac atan def
	/x2 gg c0w div def
	/pi 3.141592 def
\nn\space 5 mul def	/x1 theta sin v0 mul def /x2 theta cos v0 mul def /tt
t 180 div pi mul c0w div def /zz tt x1 mul tt dup mul gg mul 2 div sub def
zz 0 lt {exit} if t sin x2 mul c0w div  zz}%

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