[pstricks] Problems with Pdflatex, pstricks and animate- continued

A. Erhardt erhardt at fh-offenburg.de
Sun Nov 16 21:04:41 CET 2008

Hello, Herbert,

that was fast. So, somebody else is working on sunday?

> usefull to load hyperref by
> \usepackage[dvips,...]{hyperref}

I usually have included

%\usepackage[colorlinks=true,linkcolor=blue, urlcolor=cyan]{hyperref}
in my preamble.

During the test runs when I am still changing stuff, I have the 
\usepackage[dvips]{graphicx,xcolor} line uncommented, and in the final run
I close that line and open the last three. How do I have to change that to get your version?
(i.e. how do I get the parameters for hyperref in?)

Your other suggestion (see below) will probably  not work, because I usually call my picture in with "includegraphics"
like in:

\includegraphics[width=.7\textwidth]{\pdirectory/ps/testanimate} %testanimate.pdf is my pdf image file, \pdirectory/ps specifies the directory of the pdf image file.
% the extension .pdf is not needed when I use PDFLatex. 
\capdist     %this macro removes the distance between the picture and the caption caused  by centering
\caption{\label{testanimate} Some old caption } 

Then I call \testanimate from within my text. 

> this should work with the package pdfpages
> \includepdf[pages=..]{file}

Thanks a lot

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