[pstricks] pst-tree and pst-circ

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Tue Nov 11 21:25:11 CET 2008

Patrice Mégret schrieb:

Your example works but in my example there were a main tree and
sub-trees (in fact, I have just sent a small part of the tree to
demonstrate the problem).
> If I try with your code, I still get an error:
> ! Missing } inserted.
> <inserted text> 

the following helps, but I have no idea, why there is a problem
without the redefinition of the macro from pstricks. You also
need the pst-circ.tex from http://perce.de/LaTeX/pst-circ
(its the same from last time)



  \ifcat#1a\relax\def\nexxt{\node at coor#1}%
  \else\ifx#1[\relax\def\nexxt{\Node at coor[}%
  \else\ifx#1!\relax\def\nexxt{\raw at coor}%
  \else\ifx#1*\relax\def\nexxt{\alg at coor}%


    \pstree{\Tr{Main tree}}{%
		\Tr{Item 1}%
		\Tr{Item 2}%
	      \pstree{\Tr{Sub tree 3}}{%
			\Tr{Sub item 1}%
			\Tr{Sub item 2}%



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