[pstricks] psclip

Poul Riis Poul.Riis at skolekom.dk
Mon Nov 10 23:10:24 CET 2008

What is wrong with psclip in the example below?

Poul Riis


\def\getColor#1{\ifcase#1 black\or red\or magenta\or yellow\or green\or
Orange\or blue\or
3 DarkOrchid\or BrickRed\or Rhodamine\or OliveGreen\fi}

\pstVerb{/gg 9.82 def /v0 20 def /c0w 0.2 def /costhetac c0w v0 mul gg div
2 div neg def /sinthetac costhetac dup mul neg 1 add sqrt def /thetac
sinthetac costhetac atan def /theta thetac \nn\space 2 sub 5 mul sub def
/x1 theta sin v0 mul def /x2 gg c0w div def /x3 theta cos v0 mul x2 add
def /pi 3.141592 def}%
\parametricplot[linecolor=\getColor{\nn}]{0}{45}{t cos neg 1 add x1 mul t
sin x3 mul add c0w div  t 180 div pi mul c0w div x2 mul sub t cos neg 1
add x3 mul neg t sin x1 mul add c0w div}%

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