[pstricks] psmatrix, new arrow type

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sun Nov 2 10:09:18 CET 2008

Antoine Pairet schrieb:

> Basically, it uses a forloop to generate a psmatrix. Then using \ncnode
> I connect several nodes. This works pretty good. However, I'd like to
> define a new arrow type: an arrow that ends with a circle with a dot in
> its centre. 
> \ncline{°-°}{nodeA}{nodeB} would link the 2 nodes by a line ending by
> two circles having a dot in their center.

see example

> Moreover, I'd like to have some advices concerning the definition of my
> \nonZero macro. It must put a dot on a node of the psmatrix. I uses
> \ncline[linestyle=none]{*-}{nodeA}{1,1} 
> Is there a better method?

not really, but you can do \ncline[linestyle=none]{*-}{nodeA}{nodeA}

> And how about having better brackets than with my code?

do not define counters inside an environment, should be
done always outside.


\newcounter{identRow}%%Counters for the loop
\newenvironment{symmatrix}[2]{%	% Macro definitions
    \forloop{identRow}{0}{\value{identRow} < #1}{%
       \forloop{identCol}{1}{\value{identCol} < #2}{&}%
       \ifnum\theidentRow<\theendMatrix \\\fi}%




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