[pstricks] pst-pdf and glossaries

Stefan Klaus stefan-klaus at gmx.de
Wed Oct 29 22:23:29 CET 2008


I want to use the glossaries package with PSTricks.

In the internet I found an example for glossaries http://ewus.de/tipp-1029.html, it works perfect if I run this TeXnicCenter-profile

latex "filename.tex"
makeindex -s "filename.ist" -t "filename.alg" -o "filename.acr" "filename.acn"
makeindex -s "filename.ist" -t "filename.glg" -o "filename.gls" "filename.glo"
makeindex -s "filename.ist" -t "filename.slg" -o "filename.syi" "filename.syg"
dvips -o "filename-pics.ps" "filename.dvi"
ps2pdf "filename-pics.ps" "filename-pics.pdf"
pdflatex "filename.tex"

If I modify the code with some PSTricks (see below) and run the TeXnicCenter-profile the psframe is there but the glossary won't be printed out. There's no mistake message after the run.

\usepackage{lmodern} % Latin Modern

\section{Griechische Symbole}
Berechnungen mit...

Does the package pst-pdf with glossaries not work together, or do I make a little bit wrong? Is there another (equivalent) package for a glossary which work with PSTricks?

If somebody can help me. Thank you



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