[pstricks] not backwards compatible

Carsten Vogel lego at wh10.tu-dresden.de
Mon Oct 20 08:58:10 CEST 2008

In order to keep Herbert from repitition and satisfying my own interest:

What piece of code (mostly minimal, running/executeable) was running 
fine and now gets exactly what error?

I think it's not a showcase of truth or not, it's simply Herbert's only 
chance to change anything. If you condemm him for 10.000 lines of code 
to look through he wanted to have a limitation to 20 lines, so he has 
actually a chance to work on a specific problem. At least I sense that.

I know he's doing heck of a work and still(!) takes time to answers 
request serious and in time.

So if he asks for an example to actually work on that problem I'd give 
him at least one.

(See, he was in such a hurry not to write his own name correct, hell, I 
would take him not only serious but literal!)

Just my $56\,$cent (U.S.) \approx $50\,$cent (EUR),

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