[pstricks] funny behaviour of pstArcOAB

Dominique RODRIGUEZ dominique.rodriguez at waika9.com
Sat Sep 27 19:03:04 CEST 2008

Dear Doris

>  A little suggestion here: in the _NEXT_ pstricks book, there could be  
>  a chapter that illustrates how to use \pstGeonode in the above way.  
>  constructing a point on a line perpendicular to another line (through  
>  a given point) is REALLY euclidean...

In pst-eucl, there is only one basic object : the point-node, all other
objects are define with these points-nodes : for a line you need two points.

If you want a perpendicular line to another line through a given point you must
create a point for defining the line. You can either use, depending if the point
belong to the referenced line, the orthogonal projection or the 90° rotation. For the
parallel line you can simply use the translation.

Hope this clear,
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