[pstricks] displaying parts of tree in beamer with pstree

Florian Ederer ederer at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 24 04:42:40 CEST 2008


I am trying to use pstree in beamer such that subtrees are displayed 
only later on. I have drawn the trees but now I want to unravel them 
such that I first show the first branches and then the lower branches. I 
tried a few commands (\only etc.) but it didn't work.

In particular, I want to display the root and nodes 1-4 in the first 
part. Then when I click I want to display nodes 1.1-1.4, then another 
click for nodes 2.1-2.4 and so on.

Many thanks for any help. It is much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

The program is:



     \pstree[nodesep=2pt]{\Tr{node 1}^{branch 1}}
         \Tr{\tiny node 1.1}
         \Tr{\tiny node 1.2}
         \Tr{\tiny node 1.3}
         \Tr{\tiny node 1.4}
     \pstree[nodesep=2pt]{\Tr{node 2}^{branch 2}}
         \Tr{\tiny node 2.1}
         \Tr{\tiny node 2.2}
         \Tr{\tiny node 2.3}
         \Tr{\tiny node 2.4}
     \pstree[nodesep=2pt]{\Tr{node 3}_{branch 3}}
         \Tr{\tiny node 3.1}
         \Tr{\tiny node 3.2}
         \Tr{\tiny node 3.3}
         \Tr{\tiny node 3.4}
     \pstree[nodesep=2pt]{\Tr{node 4}_{branch 4}}
         \Tr{\tiny node 4.1}
         \Tr{\tiny node 4.2}
         \Tr{\tiny node 4.3}
         \Tr{\tiny node 4.4}


Many thanks,

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