[pstricks] draw animation by tikZ

Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Mon Sep 22 13:20:49 CEST 2008

Dear Alexander,
> Finally, I got a working animation by once loading the fresh PDF output
> from Distiller into AA-Pro 7 and re-saving it. This also solved the font
> issue by placing the correct glyphs for the control button faces. Thus,
> the workflow I had to go was:
> LaTeX --> dvips --> Distiller --> AA-Pro
> (aeb.js and aeb_pro.js have to be in the right place, as stated by the
> aeb-pro manual.
glad you finally got it started.

Sorry for my floppy explanations about the workflow. To be extra picky 
it should be:

        LaTeX      (3 times, so that all necessary auxiliary files are 
--> dvips
--> Distiller
--> Acrobat Pro 7++
--> SAVE FILE IN ACROBAT (so that the documentlevel JavaScript is saved 
within the document)

If this important last step is missing (RE-SAVING), there will be asked 
for some missing *.fdf files when opening the PDF.

Under *aeb_pro*, this last step can be automized within the latex 
document when typing


into the preamble before

Once these things are done, the produced PDF can be viewed with the 
Adobe Reader 7++ -- AR7++ is necessary, because it is a PDF Viewer that 
can handle the embedded JavaScript.

Thanks for the report!



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