[pstricks] conceptual question for pst-optexp

Christoph Bersch usenet at bersch.net
Tue Jun 17 16:57:43 CEST 2008

Herbert Voss schrieb:
> Christoph Bersch schrieb:
>> would then create two nodes e.g. 'PPInput' and 'PPOutput' which can be 
>> accessed by the user lateron.
>> Do you think this is a good way to implement it or are there better ways?
> that is ok!

Referring to this and to simplify the access to these nodes I want to 
define a macro that connects two components:


This is no problem, but I was thinking that it would be nice to allow 
using a node or coordinate pair instead of one compname:


would then connect a node with a component. How can I implement such a 
macro. My TeX knowledge is still somewhat limited, so I need some help 
on how to do this best :-)

Thank you,

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