[pstricks] [Fwd: pstricks/pst-solides3d question]

Jean-Paul Vignault jpv at melusine.eu.org
Tue Jun 10 12:59:54 CEST 2008


 > I would really like to have a pstricks picture of a truncated octahedron
 > in my thesis (semiconductor physics) to show points of symmetry in the
 > first Brillouin zone of an fcc lattice.  I did a google search and the
 > only thing I could find is the pst-solides3d package, but all the
 > documentation is in French, which I don't read, and the package only
 > generates a regular octahedron.  Does anybody have pstricks code to
 > generate a truncated octahedron? If so would you be willing to share it?
 > Would anybody know a way to induce pst-solides3d to generate one?
 > Failing all that, does anybody have any hints/suggestions as to how to
 > generate such a figure using pstricks?

Something like that ?

an other :

the octahedron with numbers on edges :

You need the actuel release :

(need solides.pro and pst-solides3d.tex)

 > Thanks.


 > Aaron


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