[pstricks] psgraph problem

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sat Jun 7 12:31:36 CEST 2008

Patrice Mégret schrieb:

> In the first case, everything is ok whereas in the second case the x- labels are correctly pushed at the bottom of the graph but the y-labels disappear instead of being pushed to the left of the graph.

the version pstricks-add.tex from http://perce.de/LaTeX/pstricks-add/
should fix the problem, also the one from Denis. You can now set
something like xAxisLabelPos={c,-2} to center a label horizontally.
The default position for the labels set by uput is (maxX,0) and (0,maxY)

When using an unit then the distance is always measured from the origin
of the coordinate system, which must not be part of the defined 
pspicture environment.


> \documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{article}
> \usepackage{pstricks-add}
> \begin{document}
> \begin{psgraph}[xticksize=0 2,yticksize=0 6,subticks=10, subticksize=1](0,0)(6,2){12cm}{5cm}
> \end{psgraph}
> \vspace{2cm}
> \begin{psgraph}[xticksize=-2 2,yticksize=-2 6,subticks=10, subticksize=1](0,0)(-2,-2)(6,2){12cm}{5cm}
> \end{psgraph}
> \end{document}

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