[pstricks] cubic b-spline package?

Carsten Vogel lego at wh10.tu-dresden.de
Wed Jun 4 07:49:17 CEST 2008

Michael Sharpe schrieb:
> Does anyone know of a PSTricks package that would allow one render a  
> curve determined by a sequence of B-spline control points, as a  
> sequence of cubic B\'ezier curves? Even the simplest case (uniform,  
> relaxed) or the uniform, periodic case?

The package *pst-bezier* provides LaTeX-macros for Bezier splines

    * with arbitrary many interpolation points and
    * with automatically computed control points which can separately be
      changed by many options (you can set the location of some or all
      control points or you can influence the parameters for the
      automatical computation of the control points).


    * pst-bezier.tex
      <http://www.tn-home.de/Tobias/Soft/TeX/pst-bezier.sty> The generic
      TeX file and the LaTeX wrapper (save them to
    * pst-bezier.pro
      <http://www.tn-home.de/Tobias/Soft/TeX/pst-bezier.pro> The
      corresponding postscript header file (save it also to
    * pst-bezier-doc.pdf
      <http://www.tn-home.de/Tobias/Soft/TeX/pst-bezier-doc.tex> The
      documentation of pst-bezier in pdf format and as LaTeX source file.

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