[pstricks] latest pstricks-add (v3.03) bug? pslinewidth not inherited in psbrace

jean-pierre moreau jpmoreau at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 22:16:21 CEST 2008

I installed latest pstricks-add (v3.03), to use new options of its \psbrace.

( pstricks-add v3.03 + latest xkeyval + latest pstricks
  (all its components, for example dvips .pro files) in TeTeX of
  Slackware-11.0; all installed in current working dir; I checked
  that nearly every updated file needed is from current dir. )

Below latex source works, so installation seems Ok.
Except I can't use in \psbrace the \pslinewidth from the \pspicture
where I use this \psbrace. I think this is not the 'normal' way for

Possibly the \pslinewidth inside \psbrace is kind of
PostScript rendering engine, since from code below I get
(in gv)
  'inside psbrace stuff \the\pslinewidth: 0.01 pt'.

LaTeX input showing the problem(?) of pslinewidh in psbrace of pstricks-add

--- The source .tex file I use ---

\documentclass[11pt, letterpaper]{article}
% color package loaded by pstricks-add, pstricks-add doc says so:


The default LaTeX (NOT pstricks) linewidth (text lines) : \the\linewidth.\\
The default pstricks linewidth, \verb=\the\pslinewidth=: \the\pslinewidth.\\
Now changed to 4pt, \verb=\the\pslinewidth=: \the\pslinewidth.


\put(3,3.5){{\scriptsize inside pspicture
$\backslash$the$\backslash$pslinewidth: \the\pslinewidth}}
% It seems that \pslinewidht is 0.01 pt INSIDE \pspbrace, no matter what it is
% outside \psbrace, since braceWidth is traced 1pt when
%  \psbrace[braceWidth=100\pslinewidth,...]...
        {\parbox{2.5cm}{\scriptsize braceWidth=\\ 1pt}}
        {\parbox{2.5cm}{\scriptsize braceWidth=\\ 100$\backslash$pslinewidth}}
        {\parbox{3cm}{\scriptsize braceWidth=\\\
                      inside psbrace \emph{stuff}\\
                      $\backslash$the$\backslash$pslinewidth: \the\pslinewidth}}

Contrary to above \verb=\psbrace= of pstricks-add, here a simple
\verb=\psline= of
pstricks that shows \verb=\psline= inherits \verb=\pslinewidth=. Inside a
\verb=\pspicture=, 1st \verb=\psset= linewidth to 8 pt, then

\psset{linewidth=8pt,arrowscale=2 1}


--- ---

Jean-Pierre Moreau

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