[pstricks] beamerarticle with pstricks: notes for presentation

Olga Lyashevska olga.mailinglist at herenstraat.nl
Fri May 23 17:13:51 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I want to create notes for my presentation. I have followed the following

1. Create talk.tex file (including both the text for my presentation and 
notes outside of the frame environment). I didnt specify documentclass in
this file.
2. Create another file, talk.beamer.tex, the content of which is the


3. Create a third file, talk.article.tex, the content of which is the


Then, I run latex-dvips-ps2pdf (and not pdflatex as required) on both
talk.beamer.tex and talk.article.tex to get my presentation and
accompanying document, respectively.

I like this method because I can continuously work just on one generic
file talk.tex, but it seems that it does not work properly with dvips.

Namely I encounter 2 problems:
1) article contains all figures from my presenation and they are misplaced.
2) presentation lose its title page and content of the slides with figures
is misplaced.

How to deal with it? I suppose the problem is that I use dvips instead of
pdflatex, but pdflatex is not suitable for me as I have some pstricks

Any suggestions? What is the best way to make notes for a presentation?

Thank you in advance,

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