[pstricks] 3d-intersections

Markus markuskrebs at web.de
Wed May 14 19:40:00 CEST 2008

Hi Doris!

There is an example on www.pstricks.de


All calculations done by hand ;-)


At 18:06 14.05.2008, you wrote:
>hi list,
>I want to draw a picture like this:
>a pyramid with base area in xy-plane (given via 3D-coordinates of edges)
>the intersections of this pyramid with a set E_i of planes parallel to
>the xy-plane, for example E_0=xy-plane, E_1=plane intersecting z-axis
>at z=1 etc.
>is this possible?
>further: given any closed/finite 3D-object, are there possibilities to
>visualise sets of intersections like above?
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