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Dominique RODRIGUEZ dominique.rodriguez at waika9.com
Sat May 3 15:40:21 CEST 2008

Hello Doris,

>  1.) is there any way to get a better codefig? i.e. longer arcs?

unfortunatly no, the arc length is hardwired in the code to -1...
Perhaps it could be a nice idea to let it user defined by arcsep<A|B>.

A workaround is to redraw the arc with another arc explicitly, or to change directly
you pst-eucl.tex :


\def\Pst at InterCC[#1]#2#3#4#5#6#7{%

   ...... 50 lines

  \psset{linecolor=\psk at CodeFigColor, linestyle=\psk at CodeFigStyle, arcsep=-1}%
								   remove this

and use arcsepA in the macro.

>  2.) how do I know which of the two intersection points is the upper  
>  one (without compiling and looking at it)?


if you put mentally your figure with A on the left and V on the right (which is
already the case in your figure!), C is the upper one and D the lower one.

Hope this clear.
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